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6 Tips for Camera Shy Couples

Photo Credit: Photographer Rona

Are you a Camera Shy person? I definitely am! Let's face it together. These are a few tips and tricks for you to prepare yourself for your photo shoot session.

1. Be Natural and Be Yourself

Trust me. This is very important to be yourself and relax during your photo shoot session. All of the great photos are produced while you are doing something without noticing a camera in front of you. Just be yourself and be natural. Let the photographer work his magic!

2. Get comfortable with your photographer

Before you step in front of the camera, break the ice and build a good relationship with your photographer. No one likes an awkwardness. So, talk to your photographer. This will help you ease out any stress before your photo shoot session.

3. Emotions, Emotions and Emotions

You just got married! or You are having something that is very excited. Keep thinking about it during your photo shoot session. Nothing is more beautiful than a true smile from your happiness.

4. Communication is the key!

One of the most important aspects of getting a great photo is to communicate about everything related to your photo shoot with your photographer. If you feel less comfortable in this pose, and feel like the other pose is more nature, let him/her know. Tell your photographer about your camera shyness because he/she is there to make sure that you are comfortable and look absolute best in your photos and videos.

5. Have a sibling or friend that you're most comfortable with during your photo session

If you have someone you feel very comfortable with, take them with you during the photo shoot session. They might be your little assistant to help you correct your pose or fix your wardrobe if needed.

6. Lastly, Have A LOT of fun!

It's your photo shoot session, and your photos will be kept for a very long time. So, be happy and just have fun. Enjoy your time with your photography and SMILE!

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